The Valiant King

Richard Fierce

The threads of creation are fraying.Aramis is betrayed by the Prophet of Edria and finds himself imprisoned. When the Prophet finds the location of the next item that Mordum's follower's seek, he forces Aramis to retrieve it. Yet Aramis has his own plans and finds unexpected help, and disasters, along the way.Talvaard is at war with the tribal elvish invaders. Garrick, newly crowned king, must find a way to end the war and restore the peace he has worked so hard to achieve. When he reveals the Mark he carries, he encounters mixed emotions - and not all of them are good.Admidst it all, the usurper of Oakvalor's throne - Aramis's brother - also desires to find the items for Mordum's return. His dark past, and the wicked company he keeps, reveal why he hasn't been seen for years. His ties to the kingdom are deep and he has no intention of releasing control.
1490 Ft

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