The Canadians

Clare Flynn

An epic drama of war and its impact on ordinary people – not only while it's happening, but for the years to follow. 
These three full-length novels follow the fortunes of Jim Armstrong, a young Canadian soldier in the Second World War, and those of the women he who impact his life. Gwen, a British housewife, afraid to confront her feelings, Joan and Ethel, two young women Jim meets in an English pub, and Alice, his sister-in-law and the woman who broke his heart.
From a small seaside town in the firing line of the Luftwaffe, to the British army base at Aldershot, through the plains and mountains of Italy to the rolling farmlands of Ontario, Canada, the three Canadians novels – The Chalky Sea, The Alien Corn and The Frozen River - and their characters will grip you and keep you turning the pages all night.
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